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Energy Audits

A good energy audit will give you an honest and unbiased analysis of the areas of your home that need to be improved.  A window replacement company is likely to recommend new windows.  A furnace contractor will recommend a new furnace. An insulation contractor will recommend more insulation. Evergreen Energy Audits An independent and objective audit from EverGreen however, will show you where you can get the best return on your home improvement investment.

Using the nationally standardized BPI and HERS rating protocol, an assessment of the energy performance of your home by EverGreen includes:

  • a detailed occupant interview and utility bill analysis to identify specific concerns
  • a top to bottom building envelope inspection of the thermal barrier in the attic, walls, basement and other locations
  • blower door testing to locate and measure air leakage and measure natural ventilation or the “tightness” of your home
  • state of the art infrared imaging (always in combination with a blower door!) to see air leakage and areas of ineffective or absent insulation
  • an inspection of heating and cooling equipment including testing for combustible gas leaks, carbon monoxide levels, and proper combustion appliance draft and venting
  • Appliances and lighting inspection to identify opportunities for significant savings and improved performance
  • Powerful energy modeling software with improvements analysis showing estimated energy savings and carbon reductions unique to your home
  • An indoor air quality inspection identifying mold and other indoor environmental hazards or concerns
  • A detailed and user friendly report with infrared images, narrative summary of findings and analysis of building performance problems and opportunities, with a prioritized list of cost-effective improvement recommendations.


Evergreen Energy AuditsWe provide two types of professional energy audits – a comprehensive audit and a comprehensive audit plus HERS rating. And as a licensed and insured performance contracting company we can provide a proposal for making recommended improvements, guaranteed to improve the performance of your home. Depending on the level of energy audit, the process involves about 2 to 3 hours of in-home inspection and testing. Your report is an clear and unbiased analysis with an action plan for common sense and cost saving improvements.

EverGreen Comprehensive Audit

This audit includes a blower door test and infrared thermal scanning, and a home energy survey including detailed report with infrared images displayed clearly within a digital photo, with building envelope improvement recommendations. This audit is perfect for home owners that want a “snap shot” of the homes performance with recommendations for improvements.

EverGreen HERS Rating plus Comprehensive Audit

Evergreen Energy Audits Nate MunsonThis audit plus HERS rating includes a blower door test and infrared thermal scanning, and a HERS rating (detailed energy modeling with improvement analysis of building components, i.e. – walls, windows, ceilings, foundation, etc.) including detailed report with recommendations. This audit is a good choice for the homeowner that want to see clearly which systems of the home are using the most energy, and how much upgrading each system will save in utility bills on an annual basis.