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About Us

Our Beginnings

EverGreen EnergySavers began in 2004 as a dream of founder Nate Munson. Nate wanted to create a company that could help people, help the environment and provide himself, his family and employees with a meaningful livelihood. Today that dream has become a reality as EverGreen EnergySavers performs hundreds of energy audits a year and helps hundreds of homeowners live more comfortably and save money on utility bills while reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

Our Unique Approach to Energy Audits

Many energy assessments these days are done by a technician or a sales representative with limited training and experience. In addition to holding a Masters degree from the University of Michigan and a Michigan Builders License, Nate Munson became one of the first individuals in Michigan to become a nationally certified RESNET Energy Rater and BPI (Building Performance Institute) Building Analyst and Envelope Professional. “Its all about putting science before the sale… giving people real data, not generic numbers. That builds trust and empowers people to make the most cost effective decisions” says Nate Munson.

Our Community Commitment

EverGreen Energy Savers volunteers energy audit services for Habitat for Humanity and provides assessment and improvement services for other non-profit housing organizations. EverGreen is committed to helping provide affordable, healthy and environmentally responsible housing for all building market segments.

EverGreen EnergySavers help home owners diagnose and “heal” cold, drafty and inefficient houses by applying the correct analytical tools and software along with a unique knowledge of a home’s entire system. Let us help you make your home more efficient, comfortable and earth friendly today!