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Evergreen Energy Savers, LLC, Authorized by Honeywell to Perform Air Sealing and Weatherization for Homes and Buildings.

EVERGREEN ENERGY SAVERS LLC has been authorized by Honeywell to provide air sealing and weatherization services for homes and commercial buildings to make them more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy.

As an Authorized Honeywell Weatherization Contractor, EVERGREEN has successfully completed in-depth training through the Honeywell EnovateTMPRO Contractor Program. The training, done in conjunction with BPI, instructs select contractors how to analyze the building envelope, utilize methods and products for air sealing and weatherization and maintain all health and safety best practices. Nate Munson, founder/owner of EVERGREEN has received his Building Analyst and Envelope Professional certification by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) which teaches a comprehensive "Building as a System" approach to audit and upgrade buildings.

Air sealing and weatherizing homes is the most cost-effective way to save energy and make homes more comfortable. According to the Air Barrier Association of America, a typical 2,500-square-foot home has more than a half mile of cracks and crevices. The U.S. Dept of Energy estimates that air leakage accounts for up to 40 percent of energy used for heating and cooling the average home.

“EVERGREEN has the training and skills to help homeowners and building owners make their property more comfortable and healthy while becoming more energy-efficient,” said Bryan Magnus, business manager for weatherization products and services at Honeywell. “We congratulate Nate Munson and EVERGREEN on becoming an Authorized Honeywell Weatherization Contractor.”

"We are really excited to be working with Honeywell because we share a passion for efficiency and innovation in the expanding energy efficiency market”, says Munson,. “They’re a well known and respected name in this business. We are now using their EnovatePRO weatherization products which are commercial grade quality and made to last.” Only Authorized Honeywell Weatherization Contactors have access to the complete line of commercial grade Honeywell EnovatePRO air sealing and weatherization products and materials, including low/no VOC caulks, foam sealants, insulation and weather stripping to name a few.

Since 2006 Munson has been involved in testing and certifying high performance new homes as an independent verifier for the ENERGY STAR and LEED programs. He uses the same approach when analyzing and upgrading existing homes. “We test, diagnose and fix building problems that cause high energy bills, comfort problems, ice dams and so forth.” says Munson.

“The most common denominator is poor energy efficiency of the building shell often caused by excessive air leakage and poor thermal performance. Air leakage through floors, walls and ceilings is double trouble because the insulation doesn’t work with air blowing though it, and the furnace works overtime to replace the warm air leaking out.”

Most utility customers in Washtenaw county can receive rebates for “whole-home” performance improvements, which means having an energy audit done prior to making upgrades to get the “biggest bang for the buck” and locate and address specific health and safety concerns as well. EverGreen provides professional energy audits and energy improvements for homeowners to be able to access these rebates. Homeowners with Consumers Energy can have a home performance survey done by one of EverGreen’s nationally certified building analyst professionals, which includes a free energy savings kit provided by the utility company, to see if their home can benefit from energy upgrades and rebates of up to $3500! DTE and MichCon costumers can receive $150 rebate for an energy audit and up to $1200 in rebates!

EverGreen EnergySavers began in 2004 as a dream of founder Nate Munson. Nate wanted to create a company that could help people, help the environment and provide himself, his family and employees with a meaningful livelihood. While many energy assessments these days are done by a technician with limited training and experience, or a sales representative, Nate Munson became one of the first individuals in Michigan to become nationally certified by RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) as a HERS Rater, and by BPI (Building Performance Institute) as a Building Analyst and Building Envelope Professional.”It’s all about putting science before the sale. That builds trust by helping people make cost effective decisions, and get the biggest bang for their buck.” said Munson.

In addition to holding a Masters degree from the University of Michigan and a Michigan Builders License, he is also an independent verifier for the EPA’s ENERGY STAR and Indoor Air PLUS, as well as for DOE’s (Dept. of Energy) Builders Challenge program. EverGreen is an approved energy auditor and contractor for programs with DTE Energy, MichCon and Consumers Energy, and is an Advanced Contractor for Michigan Saves, the new energy efficiency financing program that makes energy upgrades easy and affordable. For more information contact Evergreen Energy Savers, or call Nate at (734) 358-3909.


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