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EverGreen Combines Air Sealing for Comfort & Indoor Air Quality

EverGreen Energy Savers uses a blower door--a device that blows air out of your house, similar to a windy day--for the best way to identify how much and where your house leaks. If all of those cracks, gaps and holes add up to a pretty big hole, you are spending too much and / or you are too uncomfortable from drafts, uneven room temperatures. If you turn down your heat but are still paying too much, and now your uncomfortable as well? - then you are a good fit for our services.

By using a blower door in coordination with air sealing, we can identify the biggest leaks and get them sealed, while measuring for and assuring proper ventilation. As the saying for high performance homes goes..."Seal it Tight and Ventilate Right".

This video from Green Building Advisor shows how it's done. 


Home Improvement

Home improvement and home performance completely depend on different strategies such as; home energy efficiency, home design, and decor, home indoor air quality, air sealing, and many others. We definitely need fresh and cool air inside our home and especially in summer, we can use to take the help of professional to improve the air quality of our home. Through these process, we are able to improve our home decor and home performance. Thanks for highlighting such wonderful tips.

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