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Builders and Remodelers

Evergreen Energy Savers for Builders and RemodelersEverGreen Energy Savers provides energy efficiency and green building consultation and support services from planning to completion. As a RESNET certified HERS rater and BPI Building Analyst, we provide independent analysis, assessment and verification to help meet and exceed the new Michigan energy code, EPA’s ENERGY STAR homes, Green-Built homes, the IRS $2,000 Builders Tax Credit, and DOE Builders Challenge program. We provide a common sense and cost effective approach for builders and remodelers to help homeowners get the “biggest bang for the buck” for their home efficiency improvements – 3rd party verified.


Not too long ago potential new home buyers were more interested in counter tops, tile, decks and hot tubs than the energy efficiency of their new home. An ENERGY STAR home was a novelty provided by very few builders. Now it is considered a standard feature of a newer high performance home (and a foundation for green building programs). A builder that doesn’t plan on building an ENERGY STAR home before beginning construction may find it difficult to market the home to energy conscious consumers.

ENERGY STAR … in three simple steps

Evergreen Energy Savers for Builders and RemodelersWe help homebuilders save time and money as they build a high performance green home that will sell for a higher price! 

1. We start by reviewing plans with energy analysis software to provide a “projected rating” – an indicator of the homes efficiency. A rating based on plans and specifications tells the builder or homebuyer if the house qualifies for an ENERGY STAR rating. In the event it does not, then options can be considered while still in the planning stage. Precise heating and cooling load calculations often permits smaller equipment, leading to builder savings and improved equipment performance and durability for the occupant. Today’s tighter homes also require proper fresh air ventilation, we use ASHRAE standards to calculate sufficient fresh air CFM and provide some different options for ways to achieve it.

2. Then, before drywall, we perform a Thermal Bypass Checklist inspection as required for ENERGY STAR certification to verify a higher standard for wall, floor and ceiling insulation that helps to assure the comfort, energy savings and higher performance of an ENERGY STAR home. We also can support your crews with training to achieve your performance goals.

3. Finally, we use a blower door, duct blaster, other diagnostic equipment and REM/Rate software to verify the finished building’s performance and submit the rating for certification. High performance ENERGY STAR homes are more comfortable, healthy and affordable for homeowners. Quite simply, an investment that pays cash returns and environmental dividends for years to come.

Benefits of owning an ENERGY STAR qualified new home include:Evergreen Energy Savers Services for Builders and Remodelers

  • A Nationally Recognized Symbol of Quality and Performance

All ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are certified to meet EPA’s strict guidelines for energy efficiency. This exemplary performance is verified by an independent third party.

  • Lower Utility Costs

Compared with standard homes, ENERGY STAR qualified new homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling, and hot water heating. Homeowners can expect to save about $200–$400 annually on their utility bills.

  • More Comfortable/Quieter Homes

The energy-efficient features of ENERGY STAR qualified new homes keep out excessive heat, cold, and noise, and ensure consistent temperatures between and across rooms-making these homes more comfortable to live in.

  • Helping to Create a Better Future

When your customers purchase an ENERGY STAR qualified new home, they are joining millions of consumers who have changed to ENERGY STAR, helping our nation reduce our energy needs and building a cleaner environment for the future.